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Preventive Dentistry – Trumbull, CT

Keep Your Family Smiling

Dr. Cappello is more than capable of treating the damage done by dental decay, but his preference will always be to prevent oral health problems from occurring at all. Receiving comprehensive checkups, regular cleanings, and other preventive treatments at Cappello Family Dental will help keep your mouth free of decay and infection so that your teeth will last for many years to come. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for you and your loved ones.

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Why Choose Cappello Family Dental for Preventive Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Woman receiving dental checkup

Everyone in your family needs to visit the dentist at least once every six months. At the beginning of your appointment, you can tell us about any oral health concerns that you’ve had recently. Then we’ll take a close look at each individual tooth as well as your gum tissue, your bite, your jaw, and any previously existing restorations. If we spot a potential problem, we’ll work with you to develop a plan to deal with it. Finally, we’ll perform a routine cleaning to remove decay-causing plaque and tartar from the teeth.

Learn More About Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Fluoride Treatment

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You probably grew up drinking fluoridated water without thinking much about it or even realizing it. Fluoride has been shown to make tooth enamel stronger and can lower the risk of cavities over time. However, if you drink a lot of bottled water, your teeth may not be getting enough fluoride to help protect them from decay. If we find that your smile is at a higher-than-average risk for cavity, we can apply fluoride directly to the teeth to help keep them safe from decay until your next appointment.

Oral Cancer Screening

Dentist performing oral cancer screening

You’ve probably haven’t heard about oral cancer nearly as often as you’ve heard about cavities or gum disease, and yet the condition is widespread enough that it causes an average of one death every hour. An oral cancer screening is a regular part of a normal dental checkup. If a suspicious sore or discolored area is found, it might indicate the presence of cancer cells. Catching these symptoms early increases the chances of a successful recovery.

Nightguards for Teeth Grinding

Clear nightguard on metal tray

People who wake up with jaw pain or headaches nearly every morning could be grinding their teeth together at night without even realizing it. We may be able to tell that you’re suffering from this condition if we notice that your teeth have become unusually worn down. A nightguard helps cushion your teeth and minimizes the amount of contact they have with each other so that you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep while your teeth stay safe and sound.

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